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Finding the right tenant or landlord can often be a daunting undertaking.

Rental properties currently are in high demand and some landlords are receiving multiple offers, often going above the listed price. Therefore, there can be advantages to using a real-estate professional to find and list a rental property.

Aside from taking advantage of Natalie’s large network, knowledge and experience, a renter who works with a registered real-estate professional is entitled to the same protections as a homebuyer or seller.

And working with Natalie to find a rental property with provide you with valuable experience when you do decide to buy a property in the future.

Before Natalie gets started finding you the perfect rental, she will sit down with you to discuss specifics such as would you prefer to live in a house or a condo? What is your monthly budget? How many bedrooms do you need? Do you require additional parking?

Natalie can then provide specific details on the homes and apartments located in or near your preferred neighbourhood. She can tell you if the potential rental is in a family-friendly area, what the schools are like and what amenities such as shopping are nearby.

Is there a history of cockroaches, mould or other maintenance issues you need to know? Natalie will find out before arranging for you to see the properties you may be interested in viewing.

Working with a Natalie can help save time and stress that comes with searching through online listings, booking viewings and unnecessary travel.

You will also have the piece of mind that comes with working with a registered real-estate professional who can provide you with insurance that can protect your deposit for the rental if things don’t work out.

Contact Natalie today to get started and leave the rest to us!

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